Gyoza, Dim Sum & Chinese Side Dishes


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See Floor Map

A takeout restaurant for dim sum and Chinese dumplings, giving demonstration sales. Our "superlative normal taste" can be easily enjoyed by everybody.

Easy to eat, even every day, and popular with all. This is the takeout restaurant giving demonstration sales whose first priority is "the superlative normal taste." We have the popular Chinese dumplings like "HAO Gyoza," which wraps the ingredients (domestically made pork and vegetables, infused with garlic from Aomori, ginger from Kochi's "golden village," and other such ingredients) in chewy skins. "Shiso Gyoza," with its strong perilla flavor, is also popular. We also recommend dim sum, such as "HAO shumai" which uses sweet onions to bring out the flavor of pork, and "Nikuman" which wraps the good taste of the ingredients inside a sweet and fluffy skin.

Business hours
11:00 a.m.~9:00 p.m.
Sat.,Sun.,Holidays 11:00 a.m.~10:00 p.m.
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